Property for sale with dairy farming in the Perigord Limousin Natural Park.

85 hectares (210 ac) estate ideal for ORGANIC Diary Farming, green tourism and fich farming.

Maximal pastures

Dairy cows on pasture Great economical results for milk production, thanks to good product optimisation, great cost management, which rank it amongst the most cost-effective milk production of the department, see La Dordogne France Conseil Elevage. France conseil elevage

Have a look at "Insights and Prospects" on milk cattle industry in Dordogne: Insights and Prospects (F) document pdf june 2015 edited by The Chamber of Agriculture.

    Product optimisation, the milk price has improved thanks to:
  • A good production level thanks to good genetics (selection work from several generations)
  • Interesting rates.
  • No penalty point for 3 years thanks to rigor and impeccable milking hygiene.
    Cost management:
  • Maximal pasture night and day thanks to the bearing capacity of the soil and beneficial plots.
  • A contiguous geographical area: no roads or communal paths to cross. This is an advantage!
  • No water bills thanks to a well, very good flow with drinkable water to give to cattles.
  • Reduced mechanisation cost, low farming cost, very well managed veterinary cost due to healthy animals.
Free stall Full standard cattle shed with an automatic scraper system and a 1000m3 pit.
Concentrated foods distributor Concentrated foods distributor with automatic feeding system
Lairage facilities Large facility 2x6/2x5.
3500l milk tank
The average production is now at 8700L/cow with 42,1 TB and 33,2 TP. milk tank
Spring grass