For sale property of 210 acres (85 ha) with 22 acres (9 ha) of lakes in the Parc Naturel Regional Perigord Limousin

Field in Perigord-Green with lakes and woods

Ideal for agritourism fishing fish farming

lake in winter

5 lakes are distributed on the property of an average surface of 4,9 acres (2 ha) per lake

Currently 2 lakes are used for fishing and fish farming and the 3 others are used as a water reserve for irrigation.
Lake in the spring A lake in spring before hay
Pike fishing in the early morning
Pike fishing
carp fishing Fishing a beautiful carp
At the water's edge At the water's edge
Irrigation IrrigationA water reserve of 60000 m3, and electric pumping station as well as a buried network of more than 3Km allows supplies water to most of the parcels of land.
Hay around the lake

Draining a lake

Draining a lake The emptying of the lake is done every 2 or 3 years in winter
récupération des poissons sur la grille
Sorting table Sorting the fish at the exit of the pond
Young pike
Beautiful specimen of zander